Saving Lives

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Saving-LivesSaving Lives is an American medical drama (comedy) that takes place at “Mercy Health & Wellness” and chronicles the life of Dr. Sam Addison as he struggles to maintain his once fledging private practice due to the current state of the economy. Originally designed to assist the middle to low class with their medical needs Sam is forced to open his practice up to more well off clientele in order to keep his practice going. Sam and his team do everything they can to help those in need while keeping the lights on at their practice.

His staff will consist of former baseball player AJ Roberts, while being a talented pediatrician is often shallow but displays a stubbornness not wanting to conform as the whole reason why he came to the practice was to help people. So throughout the first season he has to figure out a way to help his mentor Dr. Addison keep the practice going without selling out. Head Nurse Charlotte Moore will serve as the balance between Addison and Roberts as she also owns a stake in the practice and helped get it to this point. Her personal life will be thrown into disarray when her “partner” Dr. Rebecca Spears joins the practice as a cosmetic surgeon.

Dr. Porter’s overzealous attitude and workload will eventually wear her down to the point that she turns to an old college addiction of popping pills for energy which will eventually catch up to her. She works at the practice full time while attending school as well as being a part of the mentor program that Dr. Addison teaches at. Dr. Tines, the resident Psychiatrist will learn through her patients more about herself and what she’s searching for in life. She’ll have an on again off again relationship with AJ that never really materializes because her family would not accept AJ so she hides their relationship but yet doesn’t want him to date other women. This will cause drama in the work place.

Nurse Ida and Carter will be mostly the supporting characters but will be in the mix throughout the first season as they will be involved with things going on with their co- workers and with their own subplots as we take a peek into their lives and what they go through. Specifically with Ida who is dealing with her insecurities and health issues and Carter’s need to distance himself from his family and rocky past. Carter is shy and awkward but extremely smart and through a friendship with AJ will learn to accept who he is with all of his faults. Overall, Dr. Addison will serve as a mentor throughout the first seasons to each of his staff in different ways as he tries to get his own life back on track and complete his book.

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