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About the Film:

Idle-TimesThe final entry into the 3 Film Platform had to be big. It had to encompass everything that this world was building up to be. “Mallory” would be that piece that would elevate the world in-which all of these characters inhabited to the next level. The 480 team wanted to test themselves in how far they could go developing intense fight scenes to go along with a story that setup an epic twist. Director Tavares M. Wilson teamed as always with his action junkie DP Rodney Jackson both agreed that this one would be the one that the envelope would be pushed. What a great way to finish off this 3 story arc or is it really the end……..

Plot Summary:

On a seemingly normal day, Mallory (Amber L DeVos, Idle Times) begins her day like every other day with her morning routine. When intruders enter her home abruptly taking her hostage searching for her husband, Dr. Patterson and a government file she becomes helpless as she has no information on what they are searching for and no clue when her husband will return. Frustrated and running out of patience the intruders begin to search the home as one man stays behind to aggressively interrogate Mallory. Against her better judgment the 2nd in command, Tia (Candice Wilson) starts to get a bad feeling that everything isn’t as it seems as Mallory snaps and starts to pick them off one by one. The hunters become the hunted as Mallory stalks them using their weaknesses against them as she systematically reveals who or what she really is.

Mallory – Promo Trailer from 480 FILMS on Vimeo.


Amber L. DeVos as Mallory – Mallory is a seemingly normal housewife who’s daily routine is interrupted by intruders as she’s taken hostage. What the intruders don’t realize is that Mallory has a deep dark secret that is about to be unleashed.

Candice Wilson as Tia – Tia is the tough as nails 2nd in command that has a feeling that something is not right. As the pieces start to come together she will be the one that will be forced to spring into action.

Barry Piacente as Edison – Edison is the leader of this team that has taken Mallory hostage searching for her husband and a missing military file. He’s very calm and collected and normally has things under control. He shares a special relationship with Tia.

TL Lewis as Cribbs –  Cribbs is the technical specialists that can break into any computer or safe or bust through anything that’s locked. He’s the brains of the crew.

Matt Schletty as Black – Black is the muscle. He’s egotistical, sexist, and has a real problem with women. If it was up to him he would kill Mallory and tear the house apart until they find what they are looking for.

Darryl Handy as Agent Jeff Stevens – Stevens is a CIA Section Chief who was in charge of the Genesis program for the government.

Nadia Tatum as Agent Lacy Grant – Grant is brought in by Stevens to serve as the lead in tracking down this killer and keeping it quiet.

Jesse Miller as Junior Agent Danny Reynolds-  Reynolds works for Stevens. He’s on site to log some field time when he’s assigned to Grant’s team.

Colin Decker as Dr. Simon Patterson – Patterson was the lead doctor and researcher on the Genesis project.

Michael Scimeca as Thomas Kennedy – Thomas Kennedy is the Chief Deputy for the US Marshals. A former associate of Stevens.


Tavares M. Wilson – Writer/Director/Casting

Rodney Jackson – Director of Photography

Marlo Gardner – Producer/Casting

Marquitta Baines –Producer

Jeff Jones – Sound Design & Score

Shawn Barner – Editor (Phuzion Media Group)

Uriel Isom – Editor (Phuzion Media Group)

Elijah Jackson – Camera Operator

Stills from the film ‘Mallory’


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