Idle Times

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Idle-TimesIdle Times, produced by 480 FILMS, and directed by Tavares M. Wilson, features an ensemble cast of amazing local talent, creating one of the boldest character driven crime dramas to be produced independently in the sprawling city of Atlanta.

The series takes the viewer deep into the city and federal municipalities, uncovering the corruption, greed and happenings breathing structure into the city. Uncovering the truth and lies behind the people that keep us safe, and the people that give us nightmares. Two business families, hell bent on a city contract that could transform a failing community and its residents, into the quintessential dream community; A corrupt Narcotics Officer, and his partner trying to close a case that ended months ago; A District Attorney, with demons to hide, and her new assistant from Washington D.C. that wants to get his nose dirty; An undercover DEA Agent whose personal and professional life is unraveling; A Mayor trying to be bought off, and not knowing whether or not to bring his demons out, or stay out of the corruption he sees building around him.

Keeping them all in check is a serial killer that is now on the loose, playing a game of cat and mouse with the police department and the DEA. The pieces have been set, and each move brings you closer to the next as Idle Times delves deep into the underworld, bringing it to the forefront of the viewer’s eyes; never flinching away from the seedy undertones and lies parading themselves in public view.

There are only pawns in the game of Idle Times, which piece will come out on top as time stands still.

Idle Times  has been described as a new-age crime drama told in a way that you have not seen before.

Built around a stellar cast, the story picks up with two business families bidding on a city contract that would shift the balance of power to whomever wins the contract. From that point we are introduced to a diverse group of characters led by the phenomenal actors Ron Walton, Sy Sayonara, and Bill Pacer as the viewers are taken on a roller coaster ride of emotions that will leave you on the edge of your seats.

Idle Times is set and filmed on location in and around the City of Atlanta, Georgia.

Stills from the web series ‘Idle Times’

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