GreedGreed is a Wardell Richardson Production in association with 480 FILMS and BLUELITE ENTERTAINMENT.

A team of highly skilled hitmen navigate the dangerous path of trying to balance their high profile lives with the profession that puts them in harm’s way daily.

Alex and Charlie are best friends who lead a highly skilled 5 man team of hitmen consisting of Reaper, the hard hitting weapons specialists, TJ, the ladies man/sniper, and Reno, the techie/demolitions specialist. With life seemingly perfect for the 5 friends, things take a twisted turn when the mysterious Alanna hires the team to assassinate her crime boss father in an attempt to take over his assets. The job goes as planned until Alanna takes a liking to Charlie and starts to manipulate him for her own good causing a serious rift between Charlie and the rest of the team as he plots to take them out one by one agreeing to clean up Alanna’s loose ends. Through Charlie’s greed and lust for power he is the perfect tool for Alanna as she sets her plans in motion and brings forth her own powerful regime of crime and destruction.



Stills from the film ‘Greed’

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