Behind the Last Door

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Behind the Last Door

About the Film:

Towards the end of 2012, writer/director Tavares M. Wilson developed a concept of creating 3 films that all existed in the same universe but were not affected by the events or outcomes of each film. The first entry into that 3 film platform would be “Behind The Last Door”. Production commenced in Oct 2012 at the Duluth Historical Society & Museum which added an eerie feel and look that fit perfectly with the tone of the film. With the cast set and the location primed for filming, first time director Marlo Gardner and the 480 Films crew set the production in motion to bring across this intense thrill ride.

If you are in the Duluth area, please stop in and visit the Duluth Historical Society & Museum. Visit the website @ to donate and setup your tour!! Tell them 480 Films sent you and receive a free poster from the film!

Plot Summary:

During a routine transfer of a convicted federal witness, US Marshals Lee Scott (Scott McDonald, Idle Times) and Chase Daniels (Tavares M. Wilson, Greed) make a stopover in Bunkie, Louisiana after experiencing some car troubles. Stopping in at a local diner to figure out their next move they are offered room and board for the night by the hospitable Mama Jo and her “daughters”. Once at the house a series of events start to unfold as Mama Jo and her brewed aren’t exactly what they appear to be as it increasingly becomes a fight for survival as Lee, Chase, and the convict Gator are separated and tortured as they are prepared to be sacrificed for their sins. With the help of one, they will fight to survive the night and escape the hell house that’s holding them captive as what lurks behind the last door could be the death of them all.

Behind The Last Door – Promo Trailer from 480 FILMS on Vimeo.


Scott McDonald as Lee Scott – Lee is a seasoned US Marshal who views this as a typical transfer something more relaxing from their normal assignments. Lee is very analytical and thinks through every situation. He could be viewed as  a pessimist but he gut never lets him down.

Tavares M. Wilson as Chase Daniels – Chase has been partners with Lee for the past six years and is more of a free spirit. He doesn’t worry about much and is more so a man of action so he and Lee balance each other out.

Karissa Parran as Tess – Tess is the youngest of the sisters. She’s quiet and shy and takes a liking to Chase as he fascinates her. Her awkwardness comes across as a bit naive but she’s very aware of what’s going on around her.

Denise Pereira as Racine – Racine is the oldest sister and is viewed as the leader. She has been with Mama Jo the longest and fits right in with the creepy house with her gothic appearance. Racine has a sex appeal about her that catches Gator’s eye.

Brett Tolliver as Gator – Gator is a convicted federal witness who is being transferred across country to testify in court in hopes of receiving a lighter sentence. A form Mob bookie and all around creep, Gator is the comic relief and often tries to lighten the mood.

Meka LaShea as Emma – Emma is the middle sister and the muscle. She and Racine are close and share a bond through their beliefs and religion. Emma also catches Gator’s eye.

LaDonna Allison as Mama Jo – The matriarch of the family and adopted mother to the girls, Mama Jo is the kind woman that offers Lee and Chase room and board for the night.


Tavares M. Wilson – Writer/Producer

Rodney Jackson – Director of Photography/Editor

Marlo Gardner – Director/Producer/Casting

Marquitta Baines – Associate Producer

Dan Hunter – Associate Producer/Camera Operator (Yellow Trigger Films)

Amber L. DeVos – Associate Producer

Lee Smith – Editor

Jeff Jones – Sound Design & Score

David Alexander – Website Design

Elijah Jackson – Camera Operator

Stills from the film ‘Behind the Last Door’

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