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Behind the Last Door

 About the Film:

2013 started out with a bang as 480 Films catapulted into the New Year with an already in motion 3 Film platform of projects. With production winding down on “Behind the Last Door” it was time to get to work on what writer/director Tavares M. Wilson would deem “The Interlude”, the movie that would connect the other 2 films.  The 2nd entry into the 3 part platform would be the psychological thriller “Awake”. Stepping outside of the box, the team wanted to do a film which was driven intensely by characters and dialogue. After the script was prepped and ready to go it was time to cast and that casting led to David Alexander who took on the lead role of Robert Daniels in a role that would put on full display his incredible acting range. With Tavares M. Wilson back in the director’s chair it was once again time to get to work on this rollercoaster ride that will have you on the edge of your seat.

“Awake” was filmed on location @ Ri Ra Irish Pub. Please visit the website @ Stop in for a bite to eat & drink and tell them 480 Films sent you and receive a free poster from the film!

Plot Summary:

Professor Robert Daniels (David Alexander, Saving Lives) has not slept in months. His insomnia has led him to student who is studying the effects of sleep deprivation. Andrew (Jerry Irwin), who wants nothing more than to finish his thesis paper and move on with his life figures instead of taking all semester to do the necessary research he could just pay someone who is actually suffering from it to discuss it with him. This decision leads him through a maze of deception as he tries to decipher what’s real and what’s not as Daniels starts to paint a vivid picture of elaborate fantasies he’s been having since insomnia has set in. AS the lines of reality are blurred it’s no longer clear if Daniels is reciting figments from his imagination or if he’s recounting actual acts that he’s carried out. As Andrew is pulled in deeper and deeper he will soon discover what it feels like to be Awake.

Awake – Promo Trailer from 480 FILMS on Vimeo.


David Alexander as Robert Daniels – Robert Daniels is a former military doctor turned chemistry professor who is suffering from insomnia. His insomnia has led him to believe in these elaborate fantasies that he’s experiencing.

Jerry Irwin as Andrew – Andrew is a easy going college student who is just looking to coast by doing just enough on a paper to get a passing grade. He starts to get sucked in to the stories that Daniels’ is telling him and doesn’t know what to believe anymore.

Marquitta Baines as Sara – A nice waitress who shows Daniels some attention leading him to believe that she likes him. She becomes his new desire.

Stephanie Stevens as Wendy – Wendy is a dentist who catches Daniels’ eye and becomes the object of his desire as he watches her day after the day.


Tavares M. Wilson – Writer/Director/Casting

Rodney Jackson – Director of Photography/Editor/Sound Design

Jeff Jones – Sound Design & Score

Marlo Gardner – Producer/Casting

Marquitta Baines –Producer

David Alexander – Website Design

Elijah Jackson – Camera Operator

Stills from the film ‘Awake’



Random Photos

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